There are many galaxys in space. We haven't discovered any yet as we don't know if wormholes are real and if we sent a spaceship it wouldn't break or be damaged and kill whos inside it. Scientists think they have spotted a wormhole in our galaxy. How COOL IS THAT? space is a fasinating and is a cool subject.

this craft had taken off on a night when the full moon could be seen and the point went under the moon. When a space craft hits the atmosphere loads of weight is put on the top half of your body. This could knock you out.

Moon landing is famous around the world. if you walked on the moon it would take 10,000 years to cover up the foot steps. The first people to go to the moon were americans.

This astronaught is outside of the ISS doing repairs. to get outside you go through a small tunell and will keep on finding the bits of the spacesute in the tunels

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